Coloring Books for Adults

Finally, coloring in a library book is socially acceptable!

Borrow, color and return. De-stress, practice mindfulness and find your creative outlet.

  1. Borrow a coloring book. (14-day loan period)
  2. With crayons or colored pencils, color a page or two. (No paints or markers, please.)
  3. Add your signature.
  4. To keep your work, make a photocopy. ($0.25/page)
  5. Leave the page in the book.
  6. Return and borrow another one!

Don't have colored pencils? Borrow a set to use while you're in the library from the main Customer Services desk in the atrium.

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Coloring Club at the Library

Can't get enough? The library hosts a coloring club that meets regularly to color together, listen to music and de-stress.

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