How can I manage my family's account?

Have you ever wanted to pick up your family's reserves but didn't have their library cards with you? Why not try linking your accounts?

How to Link Accounts

  • Stop in the library and visit with a staff member at the Customer Services desk.
  • Show us your library card as well as the library card of the family member you want to link accounts with.
  • You and your family member must have the same home address listed on your account to be eligible.

Benefits of Linked Accounts

  • You can use your own library card (or driver's license) to pick up reserves for linked family members. (Note: If your account is blocked due to billed items or overdue fines of $10 or more, you will not be permitted to pick up items for your linked family members.)
  • You can use your own library card (or driver's license) to access information about linked accounts, such as checked out items, items on hold and fines via phone or in person.
  • Your linked family members can access information about your account or pick up reserves on your behalf using their own library card.
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