How do I review or rate an item?

We encourage you to share your opinions, thoughts and experiences related to items that you've borrowed from the library. Your reviews will be shared with other library customers to help them make decisions about what to read, watch and listen to. 

Interested? Follow these instructions.

Add a Review

  1. Search for an item.
  2. From the search results, select the item you want to review.
  3. If the item has not yet been reviewed:
    1. Select "Be the first to review".
    2. Enter your name and library card number.
  4. If the item has already been reviewed:
    1. Select "[#] review".
    2. Select "Add a Review".
    3. Enter your name and library card number.
  5. Rate the item by selecting one of five stars:
    • 5 Stars = Extraordinary
    • 4 Stars = Very Good
    • 3 Stars = Good
    • 2 Stars = Fair
    • 1 Star = Poor
  6. Enter a title, such as "A great beach read!"
  7. Enter a review, such as "I loved all of the characters, especially Jane."
  8. When finished, select "Create review".
  9. Select "OK".

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View, Edit or Delete Your Reviews

  1. Go to My Account.
  2. Enter your name and library card number.
  3. Select "My Reviews".

Note: Reviews are moderated by library staff. Please allow a day or two for your review to appear to the public.

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