This fall, get active with adventure-themed books, events and activities at the library. Take a hike, visit a park or discover a new outdoor passion with this 4th annual community-wide initiative.

Coming this fall, free copies of A Walk in the Woods or Ranger Rick: National Parks! can be picked up at various community events (details to be announced). While supplies last.

Featured Events

About the Books

A Walk in the Woods

With humor and unexpected insight, Bryson recounts his trip on foot through the breath-taking landscape of the 2,100-mile Appalachian Trail, entertaining with fascinating trivia along the way.

Ranger Rick: National Parks!

Take a tour of America’s beloved parks with Ranger Rick. This cross-country adventure brings each park to life for kids with fun facts and must-dos like sledding down the mighty sand dunes in Colorado or exploring the bat-filled caves of New Mexico.

Quotes from Bill Bryson

"I understand now, in a way I never did before, the colossal scale of the world. I found patience and fortitude that I didn't know I had. I discovered an America that millions of people scarcely know exists. I made a friend. I came home."

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