Explore eating locally, celebrate area farms and discover ways to a healthy food future with the Westerville Library's 2nd annual community-wide reading program.

Join the conversation with this year's featured title by Vicki Robin, Blessing the Hands that Feed Us: What Eating Closer to Home Can Teach Us about Food, Community, and Our Place on Earth.

About the Book

As best-selling author and social innovator, Vicki Robin pledged for one month to eat only food sourced within a 10-mile radius of her home. Her sustainable diet not only showed society’s unhealthy dependence on mass-produced, prepackaged foods, but also helped her reconnect with her body and her environment.

There are recipes throughout this candid, humorous and inspirational guide to the local food and sustainable living movement.

Reviews for Blessing...

Part memoir, part guidebook, and part cookbook...Writing candidly and humorously, Robin expertly describes the community of farmers and makers who are involved in providing for the dinner table...more
- Library Journal

What unfolds in Robin's homey, conversational prose was far more significant than she ever expected...more
- Kirkus Reviews

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