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Magical Wonderland: Walk-Through Experience (Oct. 11-24)
Your library has been transformed into a magical wonderland with fantasy-themed décor throughout the building, from October 11-24, 2021.
Wander through an enchanted forest, discover a dragon hatchery, explore a medieval village, and hunt for "easter eggs" for your favorite fandoms.
- Enchanted Forest (Children's Area) - Weave through moss-covered toadstools and tree stumps to uncover fairies, mermaids, unicorns, and more.
- Dragon Hatchery (Homework Help Center) - Discover dragons of all shapes, sizes, and...roars!
- Sanderson's Apothecary (Teen Room) - Pore over potions while sharing the room with slimy toads, furry rats, and even a few animal skeletons.
- The Armory (Media Department) - Study the elaborate iconography used to decorate medieval swords, shields, banners, and suits of armor.
- Banquet Hall (Second Floor) - Through the colorful glow of stained-glass windows and draped tapestries, transport yourself to another place and time. Be sure to examine each table setting, inspired by a different fantasy fandom.
- Medieval Village (Mallway) - Explore 3D storefronts like Wee Beasties Pet Shop, Fairy Tale Realty, and Sanderson Bed & Breakfast. Enjoy window shopping for bits & bobs, cauldrons, wands, magical plants, or delicious treats.
Easter eggs include: Disney, Dr. Who, Game of Thrones, How to Train Your Dragon, Little Shop of Horrors, Star Wars, and more.
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- October 1-31: Catch sight of the 30-foot smoke-breathing Hilda the Dragon, perched on the library's roof.
- October 1-24: Complete missions for chances at prize drawings.
- October 11-24: Explore magical worlds within the library, from enchanted forests to a medieval banquet hall.
Age Group: Family
Category: Community
Topic: Wizards & Wands Festival, Music & Entertainment
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