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Mike P.

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Meet Mike

Constantly quoting movies & TV shows, Mike will tie any situation in life to a Seinfeld episode, chalk it up to a “Make it Work” moment, or obnoxiously announce “liiike a glove” when things just fit.

As a graphic artist, Mike is always drawing, painting or creating something. A self-proclaimed master LEGO builder and Disney Mouseketeer, he is also obsessed with the wide world of sports. He never misses a Kentucky basketball game, is a huge Michigan Wolverine & Washington Football Team supporter, and has been a Fantasy (any sport) enthusiast for 20 years. In addition, he loves board and card games, and shuffles like Shirley MacClaine in The Apartment.

Most nights you can find him glued to the silver screen or on his porch reading. Cross-stitching, knitting and golfing regularly compete for first place as his favorite pastime.

Ask me about...

Adobe InDesign, Seinfeld, sports, movies, board games, card games, cross-stitching, knitting, golfing

I'm interested in...

art history, fonts, traveling, camping & fishing, music festivals, roller coasters, cooking, wine making, swimming (specifically water polo & synchronized swimming), snow skiing & snowboarding, Christmas movies and decorating every inch of my house (LEGO village included), saxophone & piano, 80’s nostalgia, video games, comics, Pokemon, penguins

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9 a.m. - 6 p.m.


9 a.m. - 6 p.m.