Online Privacy Policy

The Westerville Public Library is committed to customer confidentiality. The confidentiality of library records is a core part of library ethics. We support and protect the confidentiality of our customer records in accordance with the applicable laws of the state of Ohio and the United States Constitution. 

This page will inform you of how we collect customer information online. By using the Library’s site, you consent to this privacy policy. This policy may change from time to time, so we encourage you to check this page periodically.

How does the Library collect information from customers?

The Library uses web-based forms to collect information from you online. For example, to receive a library card, customers are required to provide identifying information, such as name, birth date and mailing address, through a secure web form. 

Customers may update this information at any time via their online accounts or in person.

The Library does not collect credit card information or any other financial information.

The Library will give customers the opportunity, through online forms, to provide us with further information to personalize and enhance their service.

How does the Library use this information?

The Library will use this information to communicate with our customers and to administer those services they have chosen to use.

Does the Library’s site use cookies?

Yes. An HTTP “cookie” is a small text file that is sent to your browser from a website. The cookie itself does not contain any personally identifiable information. Many electronic services offered by the Library, such as the library catalog, place temporary cookies to help you control browser sessions. The Library can use the record of cookies issued to help us see how our website is being accessed and when, but not by whom.

Does the Library disclose information to third parties?

The Library does not sell your personally identifiable information. 

The Library uses third party service providers and technologies, including infrastructure, database and other similar service providers, to help deliver some of the Library’s online services to customers. The Library may share customer information with these providers to the extent necessary for those providers to provide such necessary services to the Library.

Through its online plaforms, the Library also provides access to thousands of third party collections, databases, widgets, applications, websites, collaborative features and other similar services. However, if customers access any of the services made available by the Library, such use of those platforms are governed by the privacy policies and practices of those third parties. The Library is not responsible for the privacy practices of these parties, though we welcome any inquiries our customers may have about them. The Library recommends that customers read any applicable privacy notices and policies of any such services they may access through the Library’s online services before accessing them.

Online Privacy Policy Only

This privacy policy refers only to information collected online.

Changes to This Policy

Original date of this document is 5-20-2016. Changes to this policy will be reflected on this page. The policy was last updated and recorded here 7-01-2016.

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