I returned an item, but it's still checked out to me. What should I do?

If an item is still appearing on your account, but you believe you have returned it, you can request that we search the shelves for the item.

To begin the process, contact us.

Search Process & Policies

  1. We will perform two searches for the item. The first search will occur on the first Monday or Thursday following your request. The second search will occur the following Thursday, 7-10 days after the first search.
  2. You may track the status of the search by calling the Customer Services department or by logging into My Account and clicking on "Attention: You have an important message about your account."
  3. If we find the item on the shelf, we will immediately check it in and waive all associated fines.
  4. If we do not find the item on the shelf, you will be held responsible for all of the associated fines and fees.

Please note that a search or search request does not halt the billing or materials recovery system process.

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