Mission, Vision & Core Values


The Westerville Public Library provides materials, programs and services to residents of all ages in Franklin and Delaware counties to assist in their pursuit of information and resources to meet their educational, professional and personal needs. Particular emphasis is placed on delivering quality reference services and providing popular materials of high interest to the residents of the Westerville School District. The library also serves to stimulate young children’s interest and appreciation for reading and learning.


The Westerville Public Library will be a leading public library in America. Through innovation and imagination we will provide an environment where people of all backgrounds and ages may dream their dreams, exercise their imaginations, feed their intellects, nurture success and otherwise enhance their lives.

Core Values


We are accountable to our customers, to our peers in the library and ultimately to our community.

  • Accountability is reciprocal among individuals, staff, departments, board, and the public in that each entity bears accountability and responsibility to the others.
  • We demonstrate accountability through our skills, behavior, attitude, and performance.
  • We are responsible for acquiring strong skills, modeling professional behavior, demonstrating a positive attitude, achieving optimum performance and making corrections when necessary.
  • We are responsible for determining, acquiring, maintaining and applying what it needs so it can meet its responsibilities (and thus be accountable ) to the other entities.

Future Focused

We respond appropriately to emerging practices and technology in library and information science and anticipate changes in our community and environs.

  • We strive to be on the cutting edge of current and future trends in library technology to accommodate the needs and values of our community.
  • We take intelligent risks to achieve ever higher standards of excellence to facilitate the vision of the Westerville Public Library.
  • We explore new ideas and enthusiastically adopt change to enhance service to our customers.

Honesty, Trust, Integrity and Respect

In our actions and attitudes, we treat each other and our customers, as they would like to be treated, recognizing the richness and qualities each of us brings to the workforce.

  • Honesty, Trust, Integrity and Respect are all virtues that are necessary in providing excellent customer service to our customers.
  • By consistently following the guidelines established by the library, all customers and staff receive equally fair treatment.
  • Honesty and integrity engender trust and respect from library staff and our customers.

Open and Free Communication

We communicate from the bottom to the top, from the top to the bottom, and with our community. The library provides a medium for involvement, creativity and encouragement for all staff and customers.

  • We support and encourage the flow of ideas among our staff, regardless of position.
  • We support and encourage communication between the library and the community.
  • We recognize the value of the exchange of ideas, and treat all opinions with respect.

Standards of Excellence

We work together in a spirit of cooperation, supporting each other's efforts to achieve organizational excellence and provide quality services to our community.

  • We strive to achieve customer satisfaction through cooperative, dedicated effort, improving day by day and encouraging co-workers to do the same.
  • To ensure acclaimed customer satisfaction we will work with accuracy, timeliness and positive attitudes.
  • We will consistently exceed customer expectations through maximum effort for maximum effect.


We have the simplest goal: We want our library to be the Best in the Nation! This is accomplished through focused teamwork with self-policing, quality-controlled systems and by hiring and educating the best people.

  • All employees, with their broad diversity of experience, talents, and insight, have the potential and responsibility to positively influence their coworkers and workplace.
  • Each member of the workforce contributes to an important part of the whole.
  • Constructive communication between all persons and departments is essential to the efficiency and the stability of the workplace.

Intellectual Freedom

We are committed to providing open access to library resources which interest, inform and enlighten all people in our community. Our collections, print and electronic, represent diverse points of view and are available to all.

  • We protect a customer's right, regardless of age, religion, culture, and sexual orientation or special need, to have access to diverse materials in a variety of formats, even those materials which present controversial viewpoints.
  • We provide non-judgmental access to diverse materials in all formats.
  • We support and protect the confidentiality of our customer records in accordance with the applicable laws of the state of Ohio and the United States Constitution.
  • We are aware of our personal beliefs and biases, and do not allow them to interfere with the services we provide, the materials we acquire or protecting the intellectual freedom rights of our customers.
  • We support the library's collection development policy, which serves as a guideline in and application of intellectual freedom.
  • We train all staff on intellectual and confidentiality policies.
  • We are responsive to community standards by having a policy and procedure for requests for reconsideration or inclusion of library resources.
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