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Westerville Library joins CLC in 2024

Expanded and easy access to library collections from 17 neighboring libraries to come in late 2024.

3 Library Projects Reduce Environmental Impact, Save Money

Feb 13, 2024
LED lighting, HVAC upgrades & an electric van help save on energy costs while also maintaining good stewardship of taxpayer dollars.

2023 Year in Review

2023 was a year of expanding access, increasing sustainability, and continued growth for the Westerville Public Library.

Magic comes to life with technology at the library.

Oct 04, 2023
This year’s festival includes a Haunted Mansion-inspired fortune teller, a mermaid skeleton, a 6-foot dragon egg, and so much more.

$6,000 Grant Makes Translation for Tech Training Possible

Aug 21, 2023
In-person workshops build on virtual digital literacy courses created in collaboration with the Public Library Association and AT&T.

Library Celebrates Summer with Free Books for Students

May 30, 2023
To encourage reading this summer, the library recently distributed over 6,500 free books to elementary school students.

2022 Year in Review

2022 was a year of practical improvements, unique experiences, and a continued focus on our core values of literacy.

Your library will be transformed into a wizarding wonderland

Sep 26, 2022
Fantasy fans and book lovers alike can experience the magic of the Westerville Public Library all month long with events & activities.

2021 Year in Review

Mar 10, 2022
Opportunities continued to arise above the challenges of a global pandemic in 2021.

Westerville Organizations Announce DEI Positions

Apr 24, 2021
City of Westerville, Westerville Public Library, WeRISE for Greater Westerville recruiting professionals.

Letter from the Director: Reflecting on 2020

Feb 11, 2021
2020 flipped the world upside down and opened doors to new opportunities we never expected.

Letter from our Executive Director: Reflecting on 2019

Feb 10, 2020
From technology training to homework help, the Westerville Public Library spent 2019 creating opportunities for you to level up

Library to Be Transformed into a Wizarding Wonderland

Oct 03, 2019
On a gloomy and wet autumn evening, swarms of wizards, superheroes, and book characters seek shelter from the rain in the library

Big Changes Are Coming

May 17, 2019
Limited Services on Second Floor (June 3-June 17) While new carpet is installed, limited services will be available on the second floor.

Letter from our Executive Director: Reflecting on 2018

Feb 11, 2019
Thanks to the kindness, passion, and energy of our vibrant community, the Westerville Public Library celebrated many successes

Erin Francoeur Executive Director of the Westerville Library

Apr 05, 2017
The Library Board of Trustees has hired Erin C. Francoeur as the new Executive Director of the Westerville Public Library, to begin on June.


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