Accessibility Tools & Assistive Technology

The Westerville Public Library offers various assistive technology and accessibility tools for persons with disabilities and other special needs. Most options are first come, first serve. All are encouraged to to inquire about additional options. Contact us.

Imagination Library: Braille & Audio Options

Get free braille or audiobooks for ages 0-5 thanks to Ohio Governor's Imagination Library, and The American Printing House for the Blind.

What amenities are available at the library?

Your library offers many amenities including an ATM machine, community board, charging stations, vending machines, Wi-fi access and more!

Accessibility Options for Digital Newspapers

Learn how to access accessibility tools using the library's digital newspaper service, PressReader.

Reusable Writing Tablets

If you are unable to communicate vocally, staff can chat with you in written form via Boogie Board® tablets. Available at service desks.

Service Animals Permitted

Per library policy, service animals are permitted inside the building.

Accessibility Lending Library

Get materials & technology for those with low vision, auditory processing disorders, or on the spectrum sent directly to your home for free.

Diverse Voices in Health & Medicine: People w/Disabilities

Recommendations from the Health & Medicine Collection Development Project as a part of the National Library of Medicine (NNLM).

Movies with Audio Description for the Visually Impaired

Movies use descriptive video when the images and actions on screen are described during natural pauses in the dialogue.

Books in Large Print

The library has a robust collection of titles available in larger font.

Assistive Technology & Accessibility Tools

Includes motorized and non-motorized wheelchairs, assistive listening devices, an accessibility station, and more.

Special Arrangements for a Library Event or Service

Please request special arrangements within at least 5 days advance notice.

Ohio Library for the Blind & Print Disabled

Printed applications can be picked up at the Westerville Public Library and returned to library staff for processing.

Accessibility Options for eBooks

Learn how to increase text size, use screen readers, turn on dyslexic font, increase contrast, and more using OverDrive's Libby app.

New (Digital) Audiobooks

Download or stream these new audiobook additions.

Readalongs for Kids (Digital Books with Audio Narration)

Download or stream picture books paired with audio narration. Available for free with your library card.


  • Helping your child find appropriate reading material requires your guidance and continued support. When choosing books for your child, take into consideration the following:

    • Pick up a book and have your child flip through the first few pages. Oftentimes, your child can tell you if there is too much text or if the words are too big.
    • Consider your child's two or three favorite books. Compare other books by this standard. Feel free to pick up a few that are slightly easier and slightly harder than their favorite titles!
    • Determine whether the subject matter is appropriate for your child's age and/or maturity level. Are they ready to learn about concepts such as manners, math, war or sexuality?
    • Choose books that will keep your child's interest. Are they bored by trucks and fascinated by dinosaurs? Try to choose materials that will make your child excited to read!
    • Audiobooks on CD, Preloaded Audiobooks on MP3, and Digital Audiobooks: These are recordings of books being narrated aloud. These are good alternatives for reluctant readers. Available titles usually mirror titles found within the juvenile fiction, juvenile non-fiction and teen sections.
    • Board Books: For infants and toddlers. The content ranges from basic concepts to simple stories. Board books are made of hard cardboard, a durable choice for babies who are developing hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.
    • Bookpacks: These are books paired with audiobooks. These are good alternatives for reluctant readers. 
    • Picture Books: These are typically 32 pages long with illustrations that are integral to the story. These are often meant to be read aloud while the listener pores over the pictures. This collection includes alphabet and counting books.
    • Readalongs: These are books with written text (and sometimes illustrations) paired with audio narration. Readalongs help readers match sounds to written words. Perfect for travelers, reluctant readers, and English learners.
    • Readers: These are books with limited vocabulary and purposely placed illustrations to help decode words. They are designed to be friendly for those learning to read on their own.
    • Graphic Novels: These are stories told in illustrated panels and texts, including comic books and are great for building visual literacy skills. Graphic novels are captivating and provide extra support through imagery to help kids understand the text. 
    • Juvenile First Chapter Books: For young readers ready to move from readers into chapter books. Characterized by having slightly larger print, more pictures and shorter chapters than books for older readers.
    • Juvenile Fiction: For 2nd graders to 5th/6th graders. This is a collection of novels for children, often called chapter books. Note: The main difference between juvenile fiction and teen fiction is subject matter, not reading difficulty.
    • Juvenile Non-Fiction & Biographies: For toddlers to teens. There is something for everyone in non-fiction! Be sure to flip through these books to gauge difficulty, and let your child pick out subjects that sound interesting. This collection includes fairy tales, folklore & poetry.
    • Juvenile Magazines: For babies through tweens. Magazines are a great way to get reluctant readers on board! Subjects range from nature to popular culture to sports and humor.
    • Tablets for Kids: These tablets are pre-Loaded with learning apps, games, videos, and more. (Sometimes referred to as Playaway Launchpads.)
  • Property taxes are the main source of revenue for the Westerville Public Library. The residents of the Westerville City School District passed a continuing 2.0 mill property tax levy in 2011. Due to a law designed to protect property owners from unvoted tax increases, the amount that your existing home was appraised in 2011 is what your current taxes are based on today. Reappraisals do not affect the amount of money the library receives. Library levied taxes for new construction after 2011 are calculated at the time of construction completion. 

    In addition, the library receives state funds from the Public Library Fund (PLF) and homestead and rollback revenue. A small portion of revenue is composed of printing fees, interest income, etc.

    Funding for the Westerville Public Library is separate from funding for other library systems in the Central Ohio area, including Columbus Metropolitan Library and Worthington Libraries.

    For more details, visit the Financial Dashboard.

  • The Westerville Public Library offers many services and amenities, including:

    • ATM machine
    • Community bulletin board
    • Charging stations
    • Hotline phones
    • Indoor & outdoor seating
    • Magazines to read while you're waiting
    • Quiet study area
    • Step stools
    • Telephone booths
    • Vending machines
    • Water fountains
    • Wi-fi access
    • and more!

    For more details, visit the Services & Amenities page.

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