Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees

Current Members

Members of the Library Board of Trustees are appointed by the Board of Education of the Westerville School District in accordance with the provisions of Section 3375.15 of the Ohio Revised Code. A trustee shall not serve more than one full seven-year term unless otherwise determined by the Board of Education of the Westerville School District. View related documents.


Cynthia DeVese


Ashley Johnston
Vice President


Bradley Eft


Heather Creed


Jon C. Walden


Julie Mujic


Tiffany Cooper

Previous Meetings

The Board meets regularly each month. The public is welcome to attend.


Board committees of one or more members each may be appointed from time to time by the President or by Board action.  These committees may be temporary [Ad Hoc] committees to examine specific issues or concerns, or they may be on-going [Standing] committees for continuing purposes or projects of the Board.

Finance & Facilities

The responsibilities of the Finance and Facilities Committee will include but not be limited to overseeing and reviewing the budget, reviewing library audits; performing cost analyses on proposals submitted by the Executive Director and making recommendations to the Board on these proposals, and conducting the Fiscal Officer’s Annual Performance Appraisal. The Committee will also review projects and services as they relate to library facilities and provide recommendations to the Board.

Current Members:

  • Ashley Johnston, Chair
  • Bradley Eft
  • Jon Walden

Human Resources

The responsibilities of the Human Resources Committee will include but not be limited to: conducting the Executive Director’s Annual Performance Appraisal and interviewing candidates for the position of Trustee.

Current Members:

  • Julie Mujic, Chair
  • Tiffany Cooper
  • Heather Creed

Strategic Initiatives

The responsibilities of the Strategic Initiatives Committee will include but not be limited to overseeing the progress of the current Strategic Plan and advising the Executive Director and library staff on strategic library projects.

Current Members:

  • Jon Walden, Chair
  • Tiffany Cooper
  • Cynthia DeVese
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