Important Dates for November 5, 2019

General Election

Below are important dates and deadlines for the upcoming election.

*If you are mailing your registration form, change-of-address form or absentee ballot, be sure to have it postmarked by the date mentioned above. Absentee ballots, returned in person or via a method other than U.S. Mail, must be received by the boards of elections by 7:30pm on November 5.

**If you are mailing your absentee ballot application, be aware that it must be received by the board of elections of the county in which your voting residence is located by noon on November 2. You should submit your request as far in advance of the election as possible (up to 90 days prior) to ensure there is sufficient time for the board to mail you a ballot and for you to timely return that ballot.

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Register to Vote

You can register to vote online or via a paper form. Get started.

To mail your completed form, it must be postmarked no later than 30 consecutive days before the election to your county board of elections. You may also return your completed voter registration form in person to any of the following public offices:

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Request an Absentee Ballot

  1. Complete an absentee ballot request form
  2. Mail to your county board of elections.*
  3. Once you receive your absentee ballot in the mail, fill it out.
  4. Mail it to your county board of elections.

Absentee ballot request forms must be received by your county's Board of Elections no later than noon 3 days before the election. Absentee ballots must be postmarked no later than the day before the election and received by boards of elections by 10 days after primary election to be counted.

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