Grandparents – inspired by book – build a skyscraper in their backyard with 3-year-old grandson.

Maria and David were excited to host their 3-year-old grandson Ellis - who lives in Pasadena, California - this summer. Maria was searching for children's books to incorporate into Ellis' afternoon and bedtime routine. One book in particular that librarian Katie suggested - Up! Up! Up! Skyscraper - was a big hit.

Inspired by the book, Ellis had the idea to build a skyscraper in the backyard. With the skilled help of his grandfather, he was able to bring the book to life. The family went to Home Depot to purchase supplies, then worked to measure and cut the wood. After that, 3 floors were added. And finally, an elevator was installed.

"Our backyard was surrounded for two weeks with construction tape, trash cans, tools, and signs. Such fun! The interpretation of the skyscraper book has provided our family with fond memories of Ellis' 2023 summer visit to Ohio"  - Maria, Ellis' grandmother

They even created a video of the project, recording each step of the process as it unfolded.

We can't wait to see what book will capture Ellis' imagination next summer!