“Smitten Kitchen” author – like sitting at the dinner table

On March 22, 2023, we were excited to welcome Central Ohio’s own food and travel writer Nick Dekker (otherwise known as Breakfast with Nick) and the amazing writer, cook, photographer, and occasional dishwasher Deb Perelman to Westerville, Ohio as a part of the Meet the Authors series.

As the event was wrapping up, one of our staff members shared the most apt observation of how it felt to be in attendance that night - 

Thank you both for a wonderful evening. This experience was like sitting around the kitchen table with you. - Belinda, Collection Development Manager

After the event, one of the attendees shared this about their experience:

It was great to hear from someone that I’m so familiar with but who has existed solely behind the veil of the internet. And given the nature of cooking and recipes, I feel like I have a personal connection to her because she’s behind the banana bread that I love or the cookies my kids devour. - Event attendee

To learn more about the Meet the Authors series and view the future lineup, visit this page