Employee Benefits

Westerville Public Library employees are entitled to a selected benefit package designed to enhance employment. Our continued success with the community is due in large part to our employees and we realize that the quality of one's professional life is an important factor in employee retention. We are continually striving to attain 100% satisfaction with our employees and would welcome any comments or suggestions for improvement.


Full-time employees are covered the first of the month following their date of hire for the following insurance: medical, dental and vision. There is no charge for single coverage with the medical, dental or vision insurance. In addition, full-time employees have the option of adding family members to their plan for an additional fee.

Life insurance for full-time employees will be effective the first of the month following completion of the probationary period. The life insurance provided by the library is equal to the employee's salary for one year up to $50,000. Additional coverage can be purchased at the employee's request for a reasonable rate.

Part-time employees are eligible to purchase medical, dental or vision insurance. The coverage is available for the employee as well as their family.

Note: Individuals filling the Page positions are not eligible for insurance benefits.

Retirement Plan

All employees of the Westerville Public Library are automatically enrolled in the Ohio Public Employees Retirement System (OPERS). The State of Ohio Revised Code requires that public employees contribute 10% of their gross salary to the plan. The library will contribute an additional 14% for the employee. For more information, visit this website, opens a new window.

Deferred Compensation Program

Employees of the library are eligible to participate in the Deferred Compensation Program. This program is a way to save for retirement while working. The investments are tax deferred and invested in the accounts of one's choosing. Ohio Public Employees Deferred Compensation Program manages the program, and representatives are available to answer any questions. The minimum contribution each month is $30 with a maximum contribution of 25% of total wages (not to exceed the annual limit determined by the IRS.) The contributions will be sent to the plan through a payroll deduction each month.

Vacation, Sick and Personal Time

The library offers paid vacation, sick and personal time for all of its employees. Hours that accumulate for each category are unique to individual positions.

Credit Union

Employees are eligible to join the KEMBA Credit Union. Membership offers opportunities such as: home equity line of credit, car loans, student loans, Visa cards with lower interest rates and annual fees, savings accounts, Christmas and vacation clubs, etc. Membership is optional.

Employee Assistance Program

The Westerville Public Library has contracted with Matrix Integrated Psychological Services to offer an Employee Assistance Program. This program is free to all employees (except temporary/intermittent), their spouses and dependents. All information is kept confidential and can cover a variety of issues such as: anxiety/depression, alcohol/drug abuse, eating disorders, parenting, family relationships, job stress, financial concerns, legal issues, etc.

Education Assistance

Employees wishing to continue their education in the field of library science or a job-related field can take advantage of the Educational Assistance Program. Employees are reimbursed for completed courses with a grade of "B" or higher or a "Pass" in a Pass/Fail course. The amount reimbursed per person may fluctuate according to our annual operating budget and may depend on full-time versus part-time status. All requests for educational assistance must be submitted to the Director and approved by the Board of Trustees. Note: Eligible employees must have completed one year of service.

Staff Association

The Westerville Public Library Staff Association is an organization within the library which acts on behalf of all staff members by purchasing gifts, cards and flowers for fellow employees. A planning group organizes monthly staff breaks, periodic lunches, wellness activities and celebrations. All employees are invited to join by contributing a nominal annual donation.

Contact Information

For more information about the benefits listed above, please contact us.

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