Donate to the Westerville History Museum

The Westerville History Museum accepts and collects material that pertains to the:

  • Anti-Saloon League, its subsidiary enterprises, and its personages
  • History of the city of Westerville
  • School district of Westerville
  • Townships of Blendon and Genoa

These material is intended for use in meeting the research, educational, and recreational needs of the museum's customers.

We will accept the following items, if they are in good condition and have a strong local connection:

  • Property abstracts and wills
  • Genealogical documents and personal memories
  • Objects (of a manageable size) manufactured in Westerville
  • Identified photographs of Westerville people, locations and events
  • Anti-Saloon League items not already in the collection

We will accept the following items, with conditions:

  • Westerville high school yearbooks, if we do not already have one in the collection
  • Books, if the author is from Westerville Military uniforms, if we don’t already have one in the collection
  • Furniture and household objects, if they are important to Westerville history
  • Clothing if it is older than 1880 or has a very strong Westerville connection
  • Local newspapers, if they are older than 1880
  • Magazines, if they contain an article by a local resident or information on a topic or person of local interest

We will not accept the following items:

  • Most newspapers (see above)
  • Items from other communities
  • Most magazines (see above)
  • Marriage licenses
  • High school or college diplomas
  • Death certificates
  • Other certificates recognizing life milestones
  • Weapons
  • Bibles
  • Otterbein publications
  • Unidentified photographs
  • Photographs that are not local



How do I donate something? Make an appointment.

Do I have to sign anything? Yes. We have a donation agreement form for you to
fill out and sign.

Will my items be on permanent display? We can not guarantee that anything you donate will
be on permanent display. We have rotating exhibits to showcase different items from the collection at various times of the year.

Can you tell me how much the item is worth? We can not provide appraisal information for tax
purposes. We can provide recommendations for local appraisers.

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