How long can I keep items?

You can keep different types of items for different lengths of time. 

Hourly Loan
Bike Locks* (3hrs)
Laptops* (1hr)
7-Day Loan
Fiction DVDs & Blu-ray
Juvenile DVDs & Blu-ray
SearchOhio & OhioLINK DVDs, Blu-ray and VHS
Portable Projector
14-Day Loan
Binge Boxes
Juvenile Holiday Books
Music CDs
New Books & Audiobooks
Playaway Bookpacks, Launchpads & Views
TV Shows
Wi-Fi Hotspots (learn more)
21-Day Loan
eBooks and eAudiobooks
SearchOhio & OhioLINK items (except movies)
28-Day Loan
Art Prints
Early Literacy Kits (learn more)
Electricity Usage Monitors
Most Books & Audiobooks
Non-Fiction DVDs & Blu-ray (except Juvenile)
Science Kits (learn more)

*In-House Use Only

Note: Different loan policies may apply to those with an Educator Card.