What are the overdue fines/fees?

As of August 17, 2017, overdue fines for items owned by the Westerville Public Library will no longer be charged. All fines accrued and fees assessed prior to August 17, 2017 will remain on your account until paid.

  • At 2, 10 and 20 days overdue, you will receive a reminder to return items.
  • At 30 days overdue, you will receive a bill in the mail for the replacement cost of the item and a $5 processing fee. If Westerville Library item is returned, these fees will be waived.
  • At 55 days overdue, your account will be sent to a materials recovery service and you will be charged a non-refundable $10 fee. If item is returned, the fee will remain until paid.

Billed items or fines of $10 or more will result in your library account being blocked. You will be unable to renew or check out items until billed items are returned and fines are paid down to $10.

To avoid fines and fees, return or renew your items on time. Regardless of fines or billed items, you are welcome to use the library's computer labs, borrow ebooks and other electronic materials, reserve a study room, attend a library event or access the library's subscription databases.

Note: For lost or damaged items, you (if minor, your parent/guardian) are responsible for the replacement cost and $5 processing fee.

Items owned by other libraries

$0.50 per day ($25 maximum)
$125 replacement cost for items borrowed from OhioLINK (at 30 days overdue)

For more information about the policies relating to items borrowed from other libraries, refer to SearchOhio or OhioLINK.

Note: All fee amounts are determined by the consortium.

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