Heritage Month Celebrations

Embark on a journey with us to better understand yourself and others. Take time this month to celebrate and learn about the histories, contributions, and current experiences of those around you.

The stories highlighted here act as windows into other cultures and mirrors of our own experiences. Source: By Rudine Sims Bishop, The Ohio State University. "Mirrors, Windows, and Sliding Glass Doors" originally appeared in Perspectives: Choosing and Using Books for the Classroom. Vo. 6, no. 3. Summer 1990.

Asian & Pacific Islander Heritage Month (May)

Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month (Media)

For May we highlight media that focuses around Asian American & Pacific Islander heritage, history and experiences.

Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Books for Kids

Celebrate Asian Pacific Islander Heritage this May (and all year long!) with this collection of books for young readers.

AAPI Short Stories (eBooks)

Learn more about how API Americans contribute to the United States' cultural mosaic through fantastic tales and personal stories.

Author interview with George Takei (PBS)

Veteran "Star Trek" actor George Takei revisits his time in WWII internment camps as a child in his memoir "They Called Us Enemy".

Interview with author Gene Luen Yang (PBS Books)

Gene Luen Yang, Library of Congress National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature, talks “Paths & Portals” and “American Born Chinese”.

Asian & Pacific Islander Heritage Month (Streaming Movies)

These films provide a platform fostering empathy and appreciation for the multifaceted heritage that contributes to the AAPI experience.

Marvel Voices Comic Series

Originally starting as a podcast, Marvel Voices has expanded to comic format to highlight characters and creators of color in Marvel comics.

Asian/Pacific American Awards for Literature

This award honors books about Asian/Pacific Americans, their history and culture.

Katherine Wai: So You Think You Know Westerville?

How do imperialism, the opium trade, steamship travel, immigration law, and the horrors of war relate to Westerville?

2024 Schedule of Celebrations

  • February: Black History Month
  • March: Women's History Month
  • April: National Deaf History Month
  • May: Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month
  • June: LGBTQ+ Pride Month
  • July: Disability Pride Month
  • September: Hispanic Latino Heritage Month
  • November: Native American Heritage Month

About This Initiative

The Westerville Public Library’s intention with this initiative is to reflect our diverse community, encourage acceptance, promote respect, expand understanding, amplify a wide range of voices, and energize community conversations. Suggestions for future celebrations welcome. 

Heritage in this context is intended to encompass the people, places, and things that have been passed down from generation to generation.

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