Heritage Month Celebrations

Embark on a journey with us to better understand yourself and others. Take time this month to celebrate and learn about the histories, contributions, and current experiences of those around you.

The stories highlighted here act as windows into other cultures and mirrors of our own experiences.

Celebrate Women's History Month (March)

Extraordinary Women!

March is Women's History Month. Learn about some amazing ladies with these books.

Saving the Hanby House: So You Think You Know Westerville?

Hanby House is one of Westerville's most historically significant buildings. Through the efforts of many it was relocated and preserved.

Ila Grindell & the Anti-Saloon League: Welcome to the Table

Ila was referred to as "the power behind the throne" of the almost all-male Anti-Saloon League.

Lucinda Cornell: Welcome to the Table

Lucinda Cornell's diaries give us a glimpse into her daily life. She attended Temperance meetings, while also making wine at home

Florence Fawley: Oral History Interview

Florence Fawley was a World War II veteran, former Mrs. Westerville and a Westerville resident for over 50 years.

Hazel Baker: Oral History Interview

Hazel Baker was a Westerville resident, and 103 years old at the time of this interview. She discusses changes she's seen in her lifetime.

First Woman Officer: So You Think You Know Westerville?

In 1972, Westerville hired its first female police officer, Nancy Gene Giles. Giles joined us to share her highlights and challenges.

Katherine Wai: So You Think You Know Westerville?

How do imperialism, the opium trade, steamship travel, immigration law, and the horrors of war relate to Westerville?

Agnes Meyer Driscoll: So You Think You Know Westerville?

An author once called her "The Neglected Giant." We're talking the amazing code-breaking work of Westerville resident Agnes Meyer Driscoll

Minerva France: So You Think You Know Westerville?

Westerville’s newest elementary school is named after a local Black librarian named Minerva France. Learn more about her.

Breaking the Ice: Trailblazing Women of Westerville

For over 200 years, women with passion, persistence, and courage have shaped the course of Westerville's history. (Virtual Exhibit)

2023 Schedule of Celebrations

  • February: Black History Month
  • March: Women's History Month
  • April: Diversity Month
  • May: Mental Health Awareness Month
  • June: Juneteenth
  • July: Disability Pride Month
  • September: Hispanic Heritage Month
  • November: Native American Heritage Month

About This Initiative

The Westerville Public Library’s intention with this initiative is to reflect our diverse community, encourage acceptance, promote respect, expand understanding, amplify a wide range of voices, and energize community conversations. Suggestions for future celebrations welcome. 

Heritage in this context is intended to encompass the people, places, and things that have been passed down from generation to generation.

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