Learn a Language

Learn to speak another language with these books, websites, classes, and online tools.

Learn 20+ Indigenous or Endangered Languages (Online Course)

From Cherokee to Dakota, learn how to speak a variety of Indigenous languages.

ESOL Class

Mondays & Wednesdays 10am-12pm
Westerville Public Library
English learners, practice your listening and speaking skills in this free class for adult students of English as a Second Language (ESOL).

World Languages Collection

Connect to the world around you with this collection of over 2,000 books and audiobooks in over 40 different languages.

Spanish Language Books (and More)

Browse books (and more) published in the Spanish language.

Somali Language Books (and More)

Browse books (and more) published in the Somali language.

India Corner

This collection of books about Indian culture includes topics like Indian history, polity, economy, culture, foreign policy, and classics.

Gujarati Collection

Donated from the personal collection of Ruma Shelat, these books include fictional and classical works in the Gujarati language.

Readalongs for Kids (Books Paired with Audio Narration)

Match sounds to written words using books paired with ready-to-play audiobooks.


Discover cultures of the world. Go beyond the basic facts and figures with local perspectives on more than 200 countries

Transparent Language Online

Choose from over 100 world languages, including English language courses. Learn anywhere, anytime.

Mango Languages

Start a conversation. Or sixty. Choose from over 60 world languages including English language courses.

Whether you're a new parent, a student, a young professional, a teacher, a homeschooler or a senior citizen, there's something here for you. And it's all free.

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