Wizards & Wands Festival

Wizards & Wands Festival

Experience the Magic of Your Library

Celebrate a variety of fantasy fandoms throughout the month, from Hocus Pocus to Dungeons & Dragons to Haunted Mansion. Enjoy performances, complete missions, and explore magical worlds.

Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who participated in 2023! Stay tuned for information about 2024.

Hilda the Dragon is expecting!

Big news in 2023!!! - Hilda the Dragon is expecting! Her not-yet-hatched baby dragon is safely nestled in its giant 6-foot-tall egg and currently on display in the library's atrium.

A beloved community art installation, Hilda is a feisty dragon who perched on the Westerville Public Library’s roof in October to celebrate the Wizards & Wands Festival from 2019-2022. (She is currently on maternity leave and will not be on display in 2023.)

Originally intended as a temporary feature, the Ohio climate has been predictably tough on Hilda. She is eager to retire to Schrock Lake after her dragon egg safely hatches and her new baby is old enough to live on its own.

As you may suspect, caring for baby dragons can be quite expensive. Help us welcome the new dragon to Westerville by donating to Hilda’s baby shower today. Your support will help to fund the creation of a new dragon to carry on Hilda’s legacy.

This fundraiser is hosted by the Westerville Library Foundation, opens a new window. Dragon egg designed and created by The Point at Otterbein University.

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Behind the Scenes

Magic comes to life with technology at the library.

Oct 04, 2023
This year’s festival includes a Haunted Mansion-inspired fortune teller, a mermaid skeleton, a 6-foot dragon egg, and so much more.

“Dragon Egg” Hatched from Art, Technology, and Imagination

Oct 04, 2023
Art and technology are working in tandem to create an interactive and engaging experience for all ages.

Fortune Teller Highlights Potential of Library Equipment

Oct 04, 2023
An awe-inspiring attraction this year is a Haunted Mansion-inspired fortune teller that features a disembodied head.

Fantasy Replicas Showcase 3D Printing Service

Oct 04, 2023
Library staff craft 3D-printed replicas of staff members as various fantasy archetypes like gargoyles and elves, wizards and sea kings.

About the Wizards & Wands Festival - Libraries are places that inspire magic, filled with stories that can take you to extraordinary worlds. Since 2018, the Wizards & Wands Festival has embraced that sense of wonder by bringing books to life and creating an unforgettable experience for the Westerville area community. People of all ages and passions come together champion the power of stories. This signature event attracts thousands of visitors of all ages from across Central Ohio, those who already love the library and those who have never been inside the library before.

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Whether you're a new parent, a student, a young professional, a teacher, a homeschooler or a senior citizen, there's something here for you. And it's all free.
Whether you're a new parent, a student, a young professional, a teacher, a homeschooler or a senior citizen, there's something here for you. And it's all free
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