Reasons to Sing

When you sing, you slow down your speech. This helps your child hear the smaller sounds in words, learn syllables and develop vocabulary. Singing also helps develop listening and memory skills.

Singing together is a fun bonding experience - whether you're a good singer or not.

Sing and Rhyme

Remember the Itsy Bitsy Spider and Humpty Dumpty? There are thousands of rhymes and fingerplays you can use to brighten up a trip to the grocery store or a long wait at the doctor's office.

Watch these experts perform their favorites, then try them out for yourself!

For more rhymes from Tell Me a Story, visit their YouTube Channel.

Or visit StoryBlocks and Reading Is Fundamental's YouTube channel.

Things to Do

Sing nursery rhymes and "real" songs.

Make up your own songs about what you're doing, like getting dressed or taking a bath.

Recite rhymes and fingerplays. Repeat them often.

Read these picture books with songs.

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