Babies, Toddlers & Preschoolers

Babies, Toddlers & Preschoolers

Explore, read, sing, and play with your little ones - at the library and beyond.

1,000 Books Before Kindergarten

Unlock your child's potential with this reading challenge. For ages 0-5.

Kids Area

Inspire little ones to put thoughts into words, tell stories, share, and problem-solve with this ever-changing interactive play area.

Story Trails

Enjoy the fresh air, a stroll...and a story! This literacy adventure builds reading skills and creates memories. For all ages.

Upcoming Events

Featured Events

Giant Bubble Show, part of a series

Experience the excitement of 20-foot bubbles, fog bubbles, bubble volcanoes, and even kids inside of bubbles. Presented by…

Baby Olympics: Diaper Dash (Ages 0-3)

Jul 26th | 10:00am - 11:00am
Crawl, walk, run, jump, and go for the gold! Show off your little one's talents by completing a variety of physical feats such as…

Beekeeping 101 (Ages 4+)

Jul 31st | 2:00pm - 3:00pm
Learn about honeybees and beekeeping. Marvel at the interior of a beehive, examine preserved bee specimens, & touch beekeeper tools.

Animal Visit | Picture Perfect Ranch (Outside)

Aug 3rd | 10:00am - 12:00pm
See, touch and learn about a variety of farm animals for a live barnyard experience hosted by Picture Perfect Ranch. Animal visitors may…

Visit with a Live Rabbit!

Aug 6th | 12:00am - Aug 16th | 12:00am
Stop by the kid's area to catch a glimpse of the library's temporary visitor - Jake - eating, napping & exploring his traveling home.

Gymboree on the Go! (Ages 0-5), part of a series

Play, learn, dance, and grow with experienced Gymboree teachers. Discover age-appropriate music, and movement activities, including…

Family Storytime at Family Room Coffee & Bake Shop, part of a series

Enjoy a story, movement rhymes, and action songs, especially designed for ages 2-5.Location: Family Room Coffee & Bake ShopAddress: 545 S.…

Back to the Future: Scavenger Hunt

Oct 1st | 9:00am - Oct 31st | 6:00pm
Great Scott! From the flux capacitor to a hoverboard, spot the Back to the Future "easter eggs" hidden within the museum's current…

Disney Heroes Adventure (Ages 2-11)

Oct 6th | 2:00pm - 4:00pm
Celebrate your favorite Disney heroes - from Elsa and Moana to Mirabel and Lightning McQueen. Complete challenges featuring your…

BINGO: Wizards & Wands Edition

Oct 10th | 6:00pm - 7:00pm
Play a few rounds of fantasy-themed BINGO. Prizes and fun for the whole family!

Life-Sized Candyland: Magical Forest Edition

Oct 12th | 10:00am - 2:00pm
Follow the rainbow path through a magical forest of sweet and fantastical surprises. Discover unicorns and dragons while earning sweet…

Upside Down Fairy Town: Puppet Show

Oct 19th | 10:00am - 11:00am
The fairy tales have gotten all mixed up. Help the storyteller untangle the tales in time to celebrate Fairy Tale Day.

The Giant Bubble Show | Circus Pop! (Outside)

Oct 25th | 4:00pm - 4:45pm
Experience the excitement of 20-foot bubbles, fog bubbles, bubble volcanoes, and even kids inside of bubbles.

Creepy Critters | BUGMAN

Oct 25th | 4:30pm - 8:30pm
See and (touch) the amazing world of bugs with Mark Berman and his crew of crawly critters. Also, learn about bees, hives, and…

Draw Fantastical Creatures | Steve Harpster

Oct 25th | 5:45pm - 8:15pm
Westerville Public Library
Learn how to draw fantastical creatures in this one-of-a-kind drawing game show. You never know what you might draw next!

Musical Instrument Meet & Greet (Ages 2-7)

2nd Thursdays, July-August, 11:30am
Westerville Public Library
Try out a variety of musical instruments while learning about music with teachers at Musicologie Westerville.

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Unlock your child’s potential with tips, storytime alerts, book recommendations & more from your library. Already receive emails from us? Update your preferences

In the Kids Area

Play Area

Inspire little ones to put thoughts into words, tell stories, share, and problem-solve with this ever-changing interactive play area.

Building Table

Enjoy hours of open-ended play with this station full of building blocks.

Mirror Door

Look into a distorting mirror that bends and twists your reflection!

Board Games for Families (In-Library Use Only)

Play a game while you're at the library! A rotating collection of board games is available in the children's area.

Interactive Projector

Wave your hands over it and watch as the image changes. You never know what it might do next, so revisit often for a new adventure.

Light Table

Experience a calming glow and stretch your attention span during play time.

Treehouse in the Kids Area

Make a new friend or enjoy a cozy reading nook in this interactive treehouse.

Peg Bright Wall

Explore limitless possibilities and encourage imagination with this giant light wall.

Services & Amenities

ASL Stories Directory (

ASL Stories Directory offers hundreds of free videos of your favorite books. Reading & signing helps promote essential literacy skills.

Coloring Pages

Print out a coloring page. These pages commemorate special holidays, heroes & awareness months! They can be a quiet entry into creativity.


Find reliable information to finish your homework and research projects.

Little Artists: A Course for Parent and Child (Online Class)

Make an art box that your kids can have regular access to and learn how to be flexible and receptive to your child's unique process.

Sew Animal Placemats (Online Class)

Make meal times more fun for your little ones with these animal-themed placemats.

Sustainable Play: Make a Dollhouse Cafe (Online Class)

Suzy Ultman shows you how to transform an ordinary cardboard box into an extraordinarily cute dollhouse cafe.

Read & listen to a picture book...with sign language!

Watch free videos of ASL retellings of books for kids. Reading and signing stories together promotes essential literacy skills for all kids.

Puzzle & Game Swap (Take Home)

Take a puzzle or a board game. Leave one. No need to return what you borrow. (Located on the 2nd floor. No missing pieces, please.)

Storytime at Home

Bring storytime to your family room with these songs, activities, and more from your favorite librarians!

Little Free Libraries

No library card required. No fines. No need to return. Take a book, leave a book. These tiny libraries offer a free reading experience.

Fairy Tales, Folklore & More

From Mother Goose to the Brothers Grimm, find your favorite stories and characters from classic fairy tales, fables, myths, and legends.

More Recommendations

Rhyming Books for Kids

Hickory dickory dock! These books will help kids learn about word families and begin to create a mental library of sounds.

Celebrate Disability Pride Month (For Kids & Families)

Celebrate Disability Pride Month with stories by some of our favorite disabled, chronically ill, Deaf, and neurodivergent writers.

Celebrate Juneteenth! For Kids and Families

Celebrate Juneteenth with stories about the history of the holiday and stories featuring Black joy.

Non-Violent Movies for Sensitive Kids

Movies for 3-12 year olds that include NO bag guys, NO weapons, and NO intent to kill or kidnap as main elements of the story.

Read Alouds: For Ages 4+

These are great chapter books to read aloud with the whole family!

Sight Words: For Ages 5-8

Practice reading sight words these books for beginning readers.

Funny: For Ages 5-8

Have a laugh with these books for beginning readers.

Transportation: For Ages 2-6

Trucks, buses, trains, bicycles, and more!

Interactive: For Ages 3-6

Enjoy a fun-filled read with these picture books where you help tell the story by touching the pages, talking to the characters, and more!

Funny: For Ages 3-6

Laugh out loud while reading these picture books!

Fantasy Creatures: For Ages 3-6

Dragons and unicorns and witches, oh my!

Dinosaurs: For Ages 2-6

Travel back to the time of the dinosaurs with these roaring picture books.

Axolotls and Other Cool Critters (for kids)

Discover stories and facts about adorable axolotls and other cool critters.

Favorite New Board Books

Check out new board books, perfect for ages 0-3.

TV & Movie Favorite Characters (for kids)

Explore books starring your favorite characters from TV and the movies!

Grown Up's Childhood Favorites

Caregiver childhood favorite stories - still perfect for kids today.

Library Love

Inspired by book, grandparents build skyscraper in backyard.

Maria and David's 3-year-old grandson came up with the idea to build a skyscraper after reading Up! Up! Up! Skyscraper together.
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