Custom Printing

Please note that you may experience delays due to supply shortages or equipment malfunctions.

Turn your ideas into reality. Create a project, then send it to the library to be printed.

Example projects include:

  • Design a poster.
  • Create a tri-fold display.
  • Make address labels.
  • Print a résumé or cover letter. 

How does it work?

Available to anyone 18 years or older with a Westerville Library card in good standing. Minors must submit projects through a parent or guardian.

  1. Find, edit or create a project.
  2. Convert your file to PDF format.
  3. Email your project file and library card number to
  4. Within 2 business days, your project will be evaluated and library staff will contact you with a cost quote.
  5. Approve the quote.
  6. Within 2 days of approval, your project will be scheduled to print.
  7. Within 10 days of completion, you must pay for and pick up your project.

Sizes, Paper Types & Costs

  • 8.5x11 (cardstock or résumé paper) - Price = $0.50 per copy
  • 8.5x11 (photo paper) - Price = $0.65 per copy
  • 8.5x11 (mailing labels, 30 labels per sheet) - Price = $0.65 per sheet
  • 11x17 (HBP*) - Price = $1.50 (matte), $2 (glossy)
  • 18x24 (HBP*) - Price = $2.25 (matte), $3.75 (glossy)
  • 24x36 (HBP*) - Price = $4.25 (matte), $8 (glossy)
  • 36x48 (HBP*) - Price = $6.25 (matte), $16 (glossy)

* Heavyweight bond paper with option for matte or glossy finish. May not be suitable for outdoor use. Paper is not waterproof or water resistant.*

What else do I need to know?

Your use of the custom printer is subject to the library's Terms of Use.

  • Cost: An estimate will be provided within 2 business days of project submission.*
  • Paper: Library-supplied. No custom paper will be accepted.
  • File Format: PDF only
  • Payment: Credit card, cash or check accepted.**
  • Pickup: Upon completion, projects must be picked up from the Pickup Window within 10 days.***

*Cost may be rounded up to a standard dimension size.

**Payment is due upon pickup of the completed project. If a project cannot be completed due to mechanical error on the part of the machine, you will not be charged. Projects will be re-attempted once at the next available time.

***If you fail to pickup and pay for a project within 10 days, it will become the property of the library and the cost of the project will be added to your library card account as a fine.

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