Creators flex their visionary muscles in the Innovation Lab.

With a variety of tools and guided learning instruction, creators have been experimenting with digital creation, gaining new skills, and adding polish to their projects. 

Here's some recent feedback from those who have attended classes and used the library's custom printing service.

I have enjoyed and learned a lot in the classes I have attended in the Innovation Lab... These classes are very engaging and fun! I would never have tried without the class I took. - Class Participant (2023)

I love these art programs! It's a great way to try a new hobby without making a big commitment. - Event Attendee (2023)

This same printing job via Shutterfly was going to be triple the cost, if not more. - Sarah, about the Library's Custom Printing Service (2023)

Debbie is very approachable and makes learning fun. The pace of the class is perfect. I love that throughout the class, she teaches us a tool and then allows us time to practice... - Participant in Photoshop Class (2023)

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