Zero-waste goals made easier with research tools from the library.

Tamara shared with us how she leveraged the power of her library card to generate a list of restaurants and food retailers for a Westerville Green Team project.

"I've been a member of the Westerville Green Team since 2021. One of the goals in our zero waste plan is to help local restaurants reduce food waste. This will not only allow them to save money, but it will also help our city extend the lifespan of our landfill. A challenge for our team was how to generate a list of contacts that we wanted to reach out to about available resources.

I was able to search AtoZdatabases and Data Axle Reference Solutions - limiting by business type and zip code - to download a list of over 500 restaurants and food retailers that we can work to contacts, including their mailing addresses and websites. This is a huge step forward for us as a team to make sure that we're connecting all local businesses to the resources they need to improve their bottom line and the environment at the same time." - Tamara, Marketing Manager for Westerville Public Library

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