Home deliveries offer a way to connect with the world.

For those who have trouble getting out, home deliveries offer a way to connect with the world - both through the staff members who visit as well as through stories.

You are providing an invaluable service. When I am homebound, I love having a mystery to solve, an adventure in my head, or learning something new like history. When I get out, it is usually to a medical appointment or for a family need and having a good read can help me keep it all in balance. So much I could say, but the bottom line is a sincere THANK YOU! - Deborah K (2023)

This service is an exceptional advantage for those of us who have severe mobility issues...The librarians are very pleasant and accommodating, helping us make selections. Their promptness and reliability are appreciated too! - Beth C

Thanks to Outreach for increasing my quality of life with book deliveries and nice reminder messages about my next delivery dates coming up. Staff are all very positive. This is a very valuable service! Thanks! - Patty

Thank you for all you do for so many who have no access to the library. i would be lost without the books you bring. - Pam

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