I already receive text messages from the library. How do I switch to the new system?

You may be enrolled in an outdated system for text messages from the library. The new system  will greatly improve your experience for managing your account via text message. 

To cancel your enrollment in the old system and avoid duplicate notifications, follow these instructions: 

  1. Go to this website
  2. Enter your username or library card number and your PIN. (Trouble logging in?) 
  3. If prompted, follow the instructions to set up your username.  
  4. Under this section: Email Address, choose Change 
  5. Remove the email address that ends in @sms.oplin.org.  
  6. Add your email address. Please enter only one. (You’ll choose your desired phone number in the following steps.) 
  7. Save changes.  
  8. Having completed the above steps, you should no longer receive text messages from the old system.  
  9. To sign up for text messages with the new system, follow these instructions