There's home. There's school. Then there's here.

School Deliveries

Save yourself a trip to the library! Students and teachers can request free delivery of books, movies and music to your school.

Homework Help Center

Get started on an assignment, paper or project with help from dedicated staff and volunteers.

Teen Volunteers

Are you a teen volunteer? View your schedule, sign up for volunteer shifts, update your contact information and more.

Teacher Collections

Expand your students’ access to quality learning materials by requesting books by topic or theme.

After-Hours Pickup Lockers

Pick up your items when the library is closed with this convenient, contactless, and secure option.

Wi-Fi Access at Freeman Park

Enjoy free wireless network access at Freeman Road Park. Connect via any web-enabled device. No password or cell service required.

Printing from Your Device

Send documents and pictures to the Westerville Library's printers from your personal device.

Computer Labs

Check your email, scan a photo, or write your resume. We have everything you need to get started.

Little Free Library

No library card required. No fines. No need to return. Take a book, leave a book. These tiny libraries offer a free reading experience.

Test Proctoring

Library staff can administer exams from institutions including distance learning centers, colleges and universities, and licensing agencies.

Subscription Bundle for Kids

Find your next great read with the help of our experts.
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