Tool Library

From a leaky faucet to a new floor, start your DIY project today while saving money.

Available kits include: bike repair, car repair, electrical repair, flooring, gardening, hobbies, home repair, painting, and plumbing

What else do I need to know?

Available to anyone 18 years or older with a Westerville Library card in good standing and a photo ID (such as a driver’s license).

  • Age Restriction: Ages 18+
  • Loan Period: 28 Days
  • Pickup Location: Uptown Drive-Thru or Uptown Self-Serve only
  • Replacement Cost: You will be charged for tools and associated items that are not returned.
  • Return to: Welcome Desk only
  • Waiver: Required before you may borrow a tool library kit. Sign the waiver.

To view a list of items in each kit:

  1. Select Borrow a Kit
  2. Choose your desired kit from the list.
  3. Select Full Details.
  4. Under Notes, a detailed list of items included in the kit will appear.
Example of items included in the gardening tool kit

Thanks to Our Sponsor

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