America: The Hope of the World

Pamphlet by William E. (Pussyfoot) Johnson

THE BREWERS of England are now buying large quantities of American barley which they make up into beer for the British people to get soused in. So much American barley has come in that British-raised barley cannot compete with it. They blame American Prohibition.

America: The Hope of the World

The output of French wine for export has decreased about fifty per cent, and French wine growers are holding meetings to cuss out American Prohibition which they hold responsible for their concatenation of misfortunes. They propose to SEND EMMISSARIES to America to teach the benighted people over here the errors of their ways and to tell what a fine thing it is to get "elevated" on "good French wine."

And the GERMAN BOOZE MAKERS are getting excited because of the rapid spread of the Prohibition idea in middle Europe, following the American lead. So they propose to send instructors to America to teach us heathens how much better off we would be if we would let the German brewers run our country instead of allowing the "irresponsible" people to manage their own affairs.

The Green Crescent, an organization of the foremost leaders of the Muhammadan religion, has started a LOUD MOSLEM DEMAND that European powers shall no longer force their alcoholic liquors into Moslem countries against the wishes of the people over whom they govern. A large part of the unrest in the whole Moslem world is BASED UPON RESENTMENT against the introduction of the miserable liquor traffic into their midst. And the obese, greasy, brewery governments lay it all onto that "infernal Eighteenth Amendment" which the people of America set up.

Sordid greed throughout the world lifts up its bloated face and ACCUSES AMERICA of turning the light into these abodes of the bats. As Bishop Fowler once said, "Turning the light into a rat hole spoils it for rat purposes." And so this light of America which is spreading all over the world, through the operations of the WORLD LEAGUE AGAINST ALCOHOLISM, is spoiling multitudes of alcoholic rat holes for rat purposes.

The RATS and BATS, sinister interests that thrive in darkness, are much perturbed at this turning on the light. Some brewery overlords curse even Christopher Columbus because he discovered America.

ONE THING is as certain as the rising of the sun-namely, if America fills the place which destiny has carved out for her, if she makes good with her Prohibition project, the world WILL BE REDEEMED from the oppression of the drink oligarchy within a few years.

IF AMERICA SHOULD FAIL in her duty to the world, the great cause is dead for an hundred years.

America has turned her face toward the rising sun. She has turned her back upon the tragic past and her course is clear. The whole world is watching anxiously, prayerfully. Prayers are going up to EVEN HEATHEN GODS, images of wood and stone, pleading hopefully that America will make good and lead every land out of this great slough of despond.

America is now the "Light of the World." What a W0NDERFUL THING it is to be AN AMERICAN these days.


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