Families share about their storytime experiences

Sometimes just getting dressed and out of the house can feel like an impossible task. But many parents and caregivers find a trip to the library for storytime a welcome respite.

Families have shared ways that storytimes have improved their daily lives, from providing opportunities to make new friends to supporting their child's growth and learning.

  • As a stay at home mom with a toddler, we love getting out of the house. Also, as a teacher I really value the developmental needs of my child (reading, singing/listening to music, interacting with other children, etc.)
  • We attend storytime to have new experiences, interact with new friends, and learn something new.
  • This has been a wonderful event for my little one. He loves hearing the music, moving around, and seeing the other babies play. It’s a great activity for his development and he has so much fun! Every week he is jumping with excitement for library day!
  • Each week little Nova recognizes the songs a little more, and each week sits a little longer for the books. You do such a nice job, and we appreciate it!
  • You’re the first person she’s waved at! The classes are working!
  • We attend storytime to have my daughter involved with places that support her learning and sense of community.

And Jennifer M, one of our Westerville librarians, shared her observations:

A little boy has been coming [to storytime] with his grandparents for months now. In the beginning, he was really shy....But, little by little, he started exploring the bubbles. This week, he ran right into the bubbles! He got to the other side of the room a couple times before running back to the grandparents, then ventured back out, looking up and smiling at the bubbles and the other babies. It was great to see his progress and to see that something as small as bubbles can help facilitate exploration, testing out a sense of safety and security, and building confidence and independence!”

Have you been thinking about attending storytime? Please join us! View the current storytime schedule.