Isaac’s imagination soars as a lifelong fan of Hilda the Dragon.

Isaac may be one of Hilda the Dragon's youngest fans, as he was just six month's old the first time they met.

Since 2019, Hilda - a 30-foot, smoke-breathing dragon - has perched on the Westerville Public Library’s roof, keeping a watchful eye on State Street each October to celebrate the Wizards & Wands Festival.

"Since before he could talk, he’s been in love with her. He was about 6 months old when he first saw her and she’s captured his imagination ever since. He always wants to visit her when she’s displayed and asks where she is and when she’s coming back when she’s tucked away. He has built and drawn so many iterations of her - too many to count! It’s been such a joy as his mom to see this interest blossom into a passion for building robots and drawing and inventing things of all kinds." - Carlyn, Isaac's mom

Isaac's grandma, Belinda, coordinated a behind-the-scenes tour of Hilda's birthplace in 2022. As an Otterbein University graduate, she set up a visit to The Point at Otterbein University to meet Curtis Smith, Maker Space and Laboratory Operations Manager, who was the chief designer and creator who brought Hilda the Dragon to life with the help of students and library staff. 

Isaac couldn’t wait to meet Curtis Smith and see Hilda after I read the article to him about Hilda in the Westerville magazine. One thing for sure, everyday we all heard about how he wanted to meet Curtis Smith and discuss robots!  Below is one of his many videos my daughter sent to me the day after we read the Hilda article.  

In this video, Isaac describes one of the many replicas of Hilda he has built from household items to his mom behind the camera.

One of the things that makes Hilda the Dragon so special is her ability to supercharge people's imaginations and spark curiosity in those of all ages.

"We are very grateful for Hilda and the joy she’s brought my to our little guy. THANK YOU for all you do for the kids in our town :)" - Carlyn

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