Westerville History Museum

The Westerville History Museum connects you to historical collections and learning experiences. Westerville’s anti-alcohol efforts shaped the course of American history and gave the community a unique legacy. Deepen your understanding of your community and its place in the world.

The World of William Fouse

As the 1st Black graduate of Westerville High School and Otterbein University, Fouse broke barriers. But that's just part of his story.

The Art of Propaganda

Delve into examples of propaganda that include pieces from the Prohibition era on display for the first time.

Breaking the Ice: Trailblazing Women of Westerville

For over 200 years, women with passion, persistence, and courage have shaped the course of Westerville's history. (Virtual Exhibit)

Digital Collections

Historic Photographs of Westerville

From the late 1800s to today, discover historic photographs of people, buildings, and events in Westerville, Ohio.

Obituaries, Weddings, and Historic Maps of Westerville

From 1880 to present, discover who got married, who died, and where they lived with this historic collection of newspaper articles and maps.

Temperance and Prohibition Movement, 1830-1933

Discover the records and publications of one of the most influential forces for social reform during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Archival Collections

Anti-Saloon League Collection

This collection houses artifacts of the Anti-Saloon League, a major force in the Prohibition movement during the early 19th century.

Other Archival Collections

Dig into the past with historical records from civic organizations, buildings, homes, churches, city departments, and schools.

John R. Kasich

This collection includes Congressional & Senate papers, such as personal and political, campaign, legislative, committee, and media files.

Museum Hours

Monday-Saturday: 9am-6pm
Closed on Saturday: 1-2pm
Closed on Sunday

To view current exhibits, walk-in visitors welcome during open hours.

For research or access to physical collections, please make an appointment.

The museum’s mission is to preserve and share Westerville’s history through its collections of national and local interest.  Every year, over 12,000 people visit the museum and have a chance to interact with the collections through exhibitions, programming, and research. The museum is in a wing of the library that was originally built in the 1850s as a home.  The building later became an office space for a national temperance organization called the Anti-Saloon League (ASL), a group that successfully lobbied for Prohibition in the early 1900s. The ASL donated the building and its contents to the library in 1973, which eventually became the basis for the museum.

Available Services

Donate to the Westerville History Museum

Learn how to donate an item of historical interest to the Westerville community and surrounding areas.

Racism in Westerville History (Toolkit)

Delve into specific historic examples of racism and anti-racism in Westerville over the past 200 years. Intended for high school age & up.

Schedule a Tour

Explore the city's little-known stories with a guided tour of the museum or Uptown Westerville. Private tours available for groups of 10+.

Explore the Curriculum Guides

Explore historical topics of local interest to third graders. Includes activity sheets and historical information about Westerville.

Schedule a History Presentation

Bring history to life! Schedule a presentation for your classroom, organization, or group with experts from the Westerville History Museum.

Download the Walking Tours App

Step back in time with a self-guided walking tour. Features 40+ points of interest. View on a browser or download the app.

Amplify Westerville Voices

Designed to encourage conversations, foster empathy, and identify patterns and paths to change. All stories welcome.

Westerville History MuseumWesterville History Museum

As the site of the Anti-Saloon League’s former headquarters, the Westerville History Museum works to preserve the history of the temperance movement, the passage of the 18th Amendment, and the Prohibition era.
As the site of the Anti-Saloon League’s former headquarters, the Westerville History Museum works to preserve the history of the temperance movement, the passage of the 18th Amendment, and the Prohibition era.
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