Get Involved

Donate to the Westerville History Museum

Learn how to donate an item of historical interest to the Westerville community and surrounding areas.

Donate to the Friends Sales

Donate items for resale to benefit the Friends of the Westerville Public Library.

Westerville Library Foundation

Find out about the initiatives, events and giving opportunities sponsored by the Westerville Library Foundation.

Donate Money to the Library

Give back to your library with this simple donation form and online payment option.

Donate to the Library's Collection

Want to donate money or materials to the library? Find out how by reading about our policies and guidelines.

Adopt a Book

Share the feeling by adopting a new book to add to the library's collection. You can even dedicate the book to the person of your choice.

Friends of the Westerville Public Library

View shop hours, contact information, and volunteer options.

Volunteer at the Library

You can contribute to the library in valuable ways.

Careers at the Library

Find out about job openings at the Westerville Public Library.

Teen Volunteers

Are you a teen volunteer? View your schedule, sign up for volunteer shifts, update your contact information and more.
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